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Hi there! I have been blogging for five years and writing professionally for about 12 years. My current blogging activity happens mostly for my professional clients and also, over at my mom blog, which is how I started down this path.

legsMomsoap is a blog about women’s issues, parenting a biracial child, and all the other thoughts that I feel like sharing with the internet.

Momsoap started out as a parenting blog and turned into something more to do with race and feminist issues. It morphs and grows as I continue down my blogging path.

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I also ghost blog for a handful of professional entrepreneurs. If you’d like to see samples of ghost blogging, please send me an email at For what should be obvious reasons, I cannot share specifics in public about ghost blogging, but some of my clients have given me permission to share privately the blogs in which I represent them. All ghost blogs are written in conjunction with the people for whom I work for and with, they are a representation of the person’s professional identity.

headshotI also blog under my own name for three websites under one company, Kids Creations, Backyard Buildings, and Shed Liquidators.

And finally, I occasionally write a blog post for this website. I often think I should make an effort to write more here, but given my other activities, it is difficult to maintain yet another, blog. When the mood strikes, I do write here, but the best samples of my online work are on other blogs and websites. Please visit my bio for information about my professional background. Or you can also visit my LinkedIn profile for my resume and recommendations from current/past clients.

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