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“To hell with facts! We need stories!” ― Ken Kesey

I believe everyone has a story to tell. Write your life story or a series of shorter stories to leave as a legacy for loved ones, or simply to get your life’s work down on paper.

As a reporter, I learned that most people had interesting facets about their lives. Most people don’t believe that they have anything interesting to say, but I find that it’s just the opposite. Everyone has something interesting to share!

Even if your life wasn’t filled with adventure or tragedy, you have many wonderful stories to share with your family.

My background as a reporter gives me the skills to pull those detailed stories out of you and my experience as a writer will bring your stories to life in your very own words.

Together we will work to make sure that your story sounds like you and was written by you.

Once it’s done, you are free to do with it whatever you want. Send out documents. Print it up and bind it. Turn it into an eBook and sell it online. I will not own any part of it, although, I may ask for permission to use a sample of it on my website. You are free to say no to this, with no repercussions. I understand that some stories may be too personal or you may have other reasons.

Celebrities aren’t the only people that others want to read about. Let’s get started! History is waiting!

Why Should You Write Down Your Life Story?

Chances are if you’re visiting this website and have navigated to this page, you don’t need convincing. But just in case you are still unsure, let me tell you why I think you should write down your life story.

Average people never truly live average lives. Sure, maybe you grew up in your hometown and never left. Maybe you worked at the same job for 40 years. Maybe you never suffered a tragedy or had any dramatic life changes. This does not matter folks!

“If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten.” — Rudyard Kipling

Everyone has a story to tell. Your families and future generations will find your life story interesting, even fascinating. For instance, today, people never stay in the same job for 40 years. More than ever, people are moving around the country at a rapid pace. I’m guessing that people who lived during the Depression Era thought their lives were boring too. Can you see where I’m going with this? Your life is interesting because it’s your own. You have stories that nobody else has. You experienced a generation that in the future will be a wonder to read about. Even now, my 6-year-old daughter thinks of the 1980s as a time from the past, something interesting to read about. She’s fascinated by a time when we had no internet, no cell phones, no ipads, no on-demand television. To me, that was just part of growing up, but to her, it’s history!

For myself, I love to hear stories from my parents about their childhood. As a child, I thought it was wild that most people didn’t have televisions in their homes when my mother was growing up. It was no big deal to her.

Every generation needs stories from the past. Average people, who have lived typical lives need to write down their own histories so we aren’t dependent on history books. History books don’t write about the lives of regular people.

Of course, there are so-called, average people out there who have lived adventure-filled lives and wish to write down those stories for the children and grandchildren. Absolutely, those histories are important too. All the diversity of lives will help shape future generations.

Another reason to consider writing your memoir is that your family’s medical and genealogical history can help your future family members. Knowing the genetics and predispositions of your family could keep your future great, great grandchildren healthy. What a gift!

As a storyteller, I will listen to you, interview you, and then write the story the way I think you would like it to be told. The stories will be in your voice, your experiences, the things in life that are most important to you.

It is your legacy. Everyone has a story. Let me tell it for you.

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