How Social Media Feeds Ignorance of the Media

This makes me sad. Journalism is dead.

As someone who once deeply loved journalism even with all its flaws, and I still do to a certain extent, the old ways of journalism are quite dead. There was a time when the ideals of journalism were that you reported the facts and let people make up their own minds. While there could be much debate over whether this actually happened in most media outlets, the harsh truth is that these people don’t make up their own minds anymore. They look to the media outlets to tell them what to think about issues.

While I love social media and I believe that it benefits my life in great ways, this is one of the things I do not like about social media. Too many short quotes on top of pictures. Too many likes. Not enough information. Not enough time to read and decipher all the information. Not enough transparency. Too many organizations reporting skewed facts to get donations. Too much politics. Not enough real news.

I spend a lot of time trying really hard to get my news from publications that are the least biased as possible. But even those news outlets are difficult to push through and just find the facts. Too many editorials. Not enough plain facts.

Here’s what I wish for in an ideal world. People who have been taught to think for themselves. It would be nice if we not only had to take government and economics in school, but if the average student was required to take a class on how media works.

Without good media reporting facts, journalism is doomed. But without people who know how to decipher the facts, then what’s the point?