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Social media, blogging, and web content now shape much of the interactions between people and businesses.

After I left the journalism business and got into blogging for myself, I noticed that small businesses were often lacking in their online interactions. And who can blame them? Social media is practically a full-time job for many small businesses. Most small business owners are busy running their IRL (in real life) businesses.

Not only that, there is a big learning curve in the social media world for many established business owners.

So I began to seek out small businesses and others who would appreciate help in the social media world. For the past two years I’ve been working as a consultant and blogger for a handful of local businesses and creative artists.

How Martha Works

My talents include writing, editing, ghost writing and ghost blogging, microblogging, photography, photo editing, web content, and descriptive SEO.

I work continuously to follow the latest trends and understand how best to disseminate content from your website to the rest of the world. Some small businesses owners may think that it’s impossible to compete with the big guys. I see it differently. A long-term social media campaign can often be just as effective as spending a lot on lavish marketing and advertising.

Small Business and Social Media

These days, customers and clients are more savvy about commercialism and marketing. They see through much of the trickery and the surface values of advertising. In today’s world, customers want more than just flashy advertisements. They want to feel a connection through social media. And they want value.

Connection to your customers, staying in touch, and offering your loyal customers/clients/audience something of value is the best way to keep your business competitive.

Martha’s Clients

One of the ways I work to keep these close ties between you and your customers is by developing a close working relationship with my clients – the small business owner. I will not take on a long-term client unless we have a compatible working style, enjoy being in a working space together, and be able to communicate effectively about goals and day-to-day necessary activities. For my regular clients I am available by text, phone, or email throughout the day and sometimes into the evening when necessary.

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