Why Media Still Matters

Being less in the journalism world now, and more in the “real” world these days, I hear more and more people spouting their hatred of the media. The average person distrusts the media. Common beliefs include: the media is just looking for ratings; they misquote everyone; they make things up.

While all of these are true of some media outlets and perhaps they are accurate enough in some situations, I believe that media still matters. It’s important to actually read news reports rather than believe what you see on Facebook pictures and word of mouth.

Yes, the media gets it wrong sometimes. Yes, the media occasionally lies. Yes, the media wants attention and ad money.

The media is imperfect as a whole. But there are also more media outlets and members of the media who care to get it right; who care to tell the truth; and who care more about dissemination of information than ratings or awards.

Read media. Read news reports. Find media outlets that you think are fair and honest and trustworthy.

If we don’t have media, we have no way to know for sure what’s truth and what’s lies.